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A young Palestinian cries
This video, on our account alone, was shared 44k times and viewed 9.6 million times. The world is shocked Israel's ethnic cleansing and refuse to be silent. Here is a link to the video for you to watch and share.

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Dear friends,

After 34 days of Israel’s war on Palestinians in Gaza, and increasing settler-state violence erupting against Palestinians everywhere in our lands, I’d like to share a few articles with you that we at GSC have found helpful and meaningful over the last month. These articles range from analyses of October 7 and Palestinian resistance to developments in our understanding of Israeli propaganda. Some of these texts cover draconian developments to silence Palestinian communities in 1948 borders, as well as important news that we simply haven’t been able to discuss in our regular newsletters, like the torture of Palestinian workers from Gaza by Israeli forces. Please feel free to share, send us your reflections, and also let us know if there are other good sources of analysis for us to consider sharing.


1“For Palestinians, resistance delivers a similar message: we will not sit passively in these concentration camps and get starved and bombed into oblivion. They are moved by the desperation of survival, for if their colonizer gets to decide then they will disappear from the earth. Their supposedly irrational violence is the very definition of self-defense.”

A Practical Appraisal of Palestinian Violence
- Steven Salaita

2“For the duration of their captivity, workers were ‘cut off from the world,’ according to Gisha, and allowed no legal representation. ‘At a certain point, an officer told the detainees that they were being held because there were Israeli hostages in Gaza, and that as long as the Israeli hostages were in Gaza, there was no prospect of the workers’ release,’ human rights groups based in Israel said in a statement.”

Gaza workers stripped naked, tortured by Israel
- Tamara Nassar

3“The joint American-Israeli effort to paint Hamas as worse than ISIS in order to justify Israel’s unfolding genocide against the civilian population in Gaza depends on the international public not seeing or hearing accounts like Porat’s.”

Israeli forces shot their own civilians, kibbutz survivor says
- Ali Abunimah & David Sheen

4“There are plenty of indications that Israel’s determination to drive Palestinians into Egypt has intensified since the October 7 attack, and that the Hamas breakout has provided an opportunity to achieve by force what could not be achieved through diplomacy.”

Israel-Palestine war: Mounting evidence suggests Israel may be ready to ‘cleanse’ Gaza
- Jonathan Cook

5“Many Palestinians would have preferred to see the walls come down through boycotts and petitions and the other endless tried-and-not-true methods we have long been undertaking. But it was not the Palestinians who decided things had to be this way. Poetry and social media posts have gotten us imprisoned; we have marched unarmed and been met with tear gas and bullets; we have watched our children be put through military court, and our people and their bodies pulled out from under rubble, as they have been again and again in Gaza.”

‘Operation Al Aqsa Flood’ was an act of decolonization
- Rawan Masri

6If I must die,

- A poem by Refaat Alareer

In collaboration with author Em Cohen, we created this Guide to Jewish Anti-zionist Allyship, much of which is also applicable to non-Jewish allies and especially timely at this moment. We also remind you that we have released a report on the ongoing situation of forced transfer carried out by settler militias and state forces against Palestinians in Area C. Here is an article about how you can stand in solidarity with Palestinians now and in the future.

Please make sure you write to your representatives today and pledge to withhold your financial contributions until they demand a ceasefire and an end to the 17 year siege on Gaza. With love and solidarity,
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Lara Kilani
Good Shepherd Collective

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